1965-1968 Dodge Monaco and 500

The Dodge Monaco's 1969 Demise

By 1969, the Dodge Monaco had officially met its demise. Big Dodges got their own version of the Dodge Charger's "fuselage look" for 1969, but the Monaco 500 was reduced to an option package signaled only by discreet front-fender badging.

By this time, most dealers were so busy hustling economy Darts and hot Coronets and Chargers that big cars were something of a sideline. Then too, sporty full-sizers were faltering all over Detroit. In fact, even the vaunted Grand Prix was reinvented for 1969, becoming a uniquely styled mid-size hardtop on its own 118-inch wheelbase -- a kind of "Ford Thunderbird Lite."

Have a look back at the various engine options available for the Dodge Monaco and Monaco 500 over the years with the chart below:

Handicapped at birth by inadequate funding and diluted by workaday stable-mates, the specialty hardtop Dodge Monaco was never able to play the role its planners had envisioned. Too bad. The name alone deserved a better fate than being remembered perpetually as a Grand Prix wannabe.

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