1965-1968 BMW 2000CS

The 1965-1968 BMW 2000CS was the coupe derivative of BMW's successful "comeback" early-'60s sedan series designed around the firm's new overhead-cam inline four. It had a shared underpan and running gear with the 2000 four-door but wore a distinctive pillarless hardtop body built by Karmann and incorporating BMW's then-current styling themes. Its only flaw was a snubbed snout that awkwardly tried to blend BMW's trademark kidney grille into a rounded shape accentuated by wide wraparound headlamp/parking light units.

The 1965-1968 BMW 2000CS was offered in two versions: a lower-powered automatic model and a faster manual car capable of 110 mph. It was not space efficient -- only passable 2+2 seating in a package longer than the sedan -- but was intended more to lend some sportiness to the lineup than to be strictly practical.

With new sheetmetal ahead of the cowl and a brilliant six-cylinder engine, the 2000CS would be transformed into the much nicer-looking and more capable 2800CS.

Pluses of the 1965-1968 BMW 2000CS:

  • Unique model
  • Powerful and reliable ohc engine
  • Fine handling
  • German craftsmanship
  • Good appreciation potential
  • Not costly
  • Strong club support

Minuses of the 1965-1968 BMW 2000CS:

  • Beware of unit body/chassis rust
  • Body parts now hard to acquire
  • Overshadowed in collector circles by 2800CS
  • Front end spoils otherwise pleasant styling

Production of the 1965-1968 BMW 2000CS:

Specifications of the 1965-1968 BMW 2000CS:
Wheelbase, inches: 100.4
Length, inches: 178.3
Weight, pounds: 2,630
Price, new: $5,185 U.S. in 1966

Engines for the 1965-1968 BMW 2000CS:

Type Size Horsepower* Years
ohc I-4 1,990 cc 100/120 1965-1968
*DIN European

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