1964-1965 Sunbam Venezia by Supperleggera

The 1964-1965 Sunbeam Venezia was an Anglo-Italian sports coupe based on the British Humber Sceptre sedan (some Hillman Super Minx platforms were also used in 1965), designed and constructed by the Turin coachbuilder, Superleggera.

A tubular steel framework and unstressed aluminum body panels made the Venezia light, and gave it a considerable performance advantage over its Humber/Hillman parents, but high price kept sales very low. Several were imported to the U.S. by enthusiasts, though the model was never officially sold here.

Pluses of the 1964-1965 Sunbeam Venezia:

  • Rarity and desirability
  • Fine Italian styling
  • Plush interior

Minuses of the 1964-1965 Sunbeam Venezia:

  • Body parts virtually extinct
  • Variable construction quality

Production of the 1964-1965 Sunbeam Venezia:
NA, but very limited

Specifications of the 1964-1965 Sunbeam Venezia:
Wheelbase, inches: 101.0
Length, inches: 177.0
Weight, pounds: NA
Price, new: approximately $4,000 (U.S. equivalent)

Engines for the 1964-1965 Sunbeam Venezia:

ohv I-4 1,592 cc (97.1 cid)
88 1964-1965

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