1963-1973 Rover 2000/2000TC

The 1963-1973 Rover 2000/2000TC was dramatically more modern than any previous Rover -- the new P6-series sedans were advanced enough to continue for a decade. Construction of the 2000/2000TC featured a monocoque "skeleton" structure (like the Citron DS) to which outer skin panels were bolted. This had the advantage of making body repairs easier and cheaper.

Suspension was independent in front by coil springs and twin control arms; de Dion linkage was used at the rear. The 2000 was powered by a new four-cylinder overhead-cam engine with a single carburetor; the TC boasted dual carbs. Styling was a complete departure for Rover, with a subtle wedge profile, a full-width grille containing quad headlamps, a squared-off decklid, and a fairly low beltline.

The interior of the Rover 2000/2000TC featured a "modular" instrument cluster and huge gloveboxes that doubled as crash knee-pads under a full-width dash rail. On the road, the Rover delivered a soft ride, aided by super-comfortable seating, and was remarkably stable at higher speeds.

Top speed was 100-plus mph in basic form; the TC (introduced in 1966) could see 110 mph. Imported to the U.S. in modest numbers, the 1963-1973 Rover proved fragile for North American conditions and was notoriously trouble-prone.

It was succeeded in England by the more conventionally engineered, but sleeker, SD1 fastback sedan series (sold here only for 1980 as the Rover 3500).

Pluses of the 1963-1973 Rover 2000/2000TC:

  • Comfort
  • Engineering sophistication
  • Ergonomics
  • Quite Affordable
  • Roadability

Minuses of the 1963-1973 Rover 2000/2000TC:

  • Not that many left in U.S.
  • Parts running out now
  • Rust-prone
  • Unrefined engine

Production of the 1963-1964 Rover 2000/2000TC:

Production of the 1965 Rover 2000/2000TC:

Production of the 1966 Rover 2000/2000TC:

Production of the 1967 Rover 2000/2000TC:

Production of the 1968 Rover 2000/2000TC:

Production of the 1969 Rover 2000/2000TC:

Production of the 1970 Rover 2000/2000TC:

Production of the 1971 Rover 2000/2000TC:

Production of the 1972 Rover 2000/2000TC:
30, 035

Production of the 1973 Rover 2000/2000TC:

Specifications of the 1963-1973 Rover 2000/2000TC:
Wheelbase, inches: 103.4
Length, inches: 178.5

Weight, pounds: 2,770/2,810 (2000/2000TC)
Price, new
: approx. $4,000 (U.S.) in 1964; approximately $4,500 (U.S.) for TC in 1969

Engines for the 1963-1973 Rover 2000/2000TC:

ohc I-4
1978 cc (121 cid)

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