1963-1969 Jaguar S-Type/420

The 1963-1969 Jaguar S-Type/420 were literal extensions of Jaguar's original Mark II sedan series first seen in 1956. The S-Type, introduced for 1963, featured a longer, Mark X-like tail grafted onto the original unitized body/chassis structure. To go with it, Jaguar added a coil-spring independent rear suspension similar to that of the E-Type.

The 1967 Jaguar 420 sedan, part of the 1963-1969 Jaguar S-Type/420 collectible car series.
1967 Jaguar 420 sedan.  See more pictures of Jaguar cars.

In 1967, to provide even closer family resemblance with the Mark X, which was renamed 420G that year, Jaguar announced the 420. This was an S-Type with a squared-up Mark X nose including a square grille and four headlamps. By this time, there was little of the original 2.4-liter Mark II left.

All these models carried the by-now familiar twincam XK engine, with model designation reflecting displacement (3.4S, 3.8S, 420). Typical Jaguar interior appointments were featured, and both manual and automatic transmissions were available. Each version was slightly heavier and less nimble than the one before it. The 420 was capable of 125 mph, and was also sold in England as the badge-engineered Daimler Sovereign with a traditional fluted grille and different trim details.

This series can be considered the direct predecessor of the sterling XJ6, which arrived for the 1969 model year.

Pluses for the 1963-1969 Jaguar S-Type/420:
  • Compact size
  • Fine handling
  • Legendary XK performance
  • Wide choice of specs
  • Many parts still available
  • Conservative British appearance
  • Better ride and handling than the 1960-69 Mark II series
  • More luggage space than the 1960-69 Mark II series
Minuses of the 1963-1969 Jaguar S-Type/420:
  • Mileage hurt by increasing weight
  • Unit construction rust problem
  • Limited performance (2.4 liter)
  • Not as much room as you'd think

Production of the 1963-1969 Jaguar S-Type/420:

  • 3.4S: 10,036
  • 3.8S: 15,135
  • 420: 9,801

Specifications of the 1963-1969 Jaguar S-Type/420:
Length, inches: 187.0
Wheelbase, inches: 107.7
Weight, pounds: 3,585-3,700
Price, new: $6,300 U.S. for 3.8S in 1964; $7,000 for 420 in 1967

Engines for the 1963-1969 Jaguar S-Type/420:

dohc I-6
3,442 (210 cid)
dohc I-63,781 (231 cid)
220 1963-1969
dohc I-64,235 (258 cid)
245 1966-1969

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