1963-1968 Glas 1300/1700/1600GT

The 1963-1968 Glas 1300/1700/1600GT was a brave attempt at a sporting product by an old-line German independent in its final years. All of these models are 2+2 fastback coupes with unit construction and shapely styling by Frua of Italy, which also built a few convertibles with similar lines beginning in 1965.

1963 Glas 1300 GT 2+2 coupe, one of Glas' final models
1963 Glas 1300 GT 2+2 coupe.  See more pictures of 1960s cars.

The line's model designations reflect displacement of the sohc four-cylinder engines. The 1300 and (from 1965) 1700 units were Glas' own, borrowed from its "volume" sedans and notable for the first cogged belt for the cam drive. The 1700 GT was briefly offered in the U.S. before Glas was absorbed by BMW, which attempted to boost sales by substituting the engine, transmission, and rear suspension from its 1600ti sedan.

Pluses of the 1963-1968 Glas 1300/1700/1600GT:

  • Distinctive Italian-inspired styling
  • Advanced Glas engine (1300/ 1700)
  • More powerful and reliable BMW engine (1600)
  • Very rare in U.S.

Minuses of the 1963-1968 Glas 1300/1700/1600GT:

  • Parts of all kinds are gone
  • BMW can't help much
  • Very rust-prone
  • Serious handling flaws on 1300/1700

Production of the 1963-1967 Glas 1300/1700/1600GT:
1300/1700 GT: approximately 800

Production of the 1967-1968 Glas 1300/1700/1600GT:
BMW 1600GT: 1,255

Specifications of the 1963-1968 Glas 1300/1700/1600GT:
Wheelbase, inches: 91.4
Length, inches: 161.4
Weight, pounds: 2,010/2,115 (1700/1600)
Price, new: $3,695, '66 1700 GT in U.S.

Engines for the 1963-1968 Glas 1300/1700/1600GT:

Horsepower (DIN)
ohc I-41,289 cc (79 cid) 751963-1967
ohc I-41,682 cc (103 cid) 100 1965-1967
ohc I-41,573 cc (96 cid)1051967-1968

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