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1962-1970 Ford XL

1962 Ford XL

Priced just a few hundred dollars above its Galaxie 500 counterpart, the bucket-seat Ford XL was a good deal by any measure, and buyers were quick to recognize it, snapping up over 42,000 of the debut "19621/2" models.

Outside, the XL was distinguished from the normal Galaxie 500 only by a badge on the rear panel fuel filler flap, special parallelogram i.d. emblems on the rear fenders and, on hardtops, large Ford crests on the roof sail panels or C-pillars.

1962 Galaxie convertible.
Ford tried to get around NASCAR rules for racing stock cars with the bolt-on Starlift hardtop for the 1962 Galaxie convertible.

The big differences were inside, where the XL presented a console between individual "buckety" front seats. The seats were foam-cushioned and had deep pleats decorated with chrome-like mylar trim. They looked soft but were actually on the firm side.

The rear bench seat was "bucket-styled," with the backrest notched in the middle to clear a radio speaker grille. On top of the console was a padded armrest that doubled as a lid for an auxiliary storage compartment.

Ahead of this was a large chrome trim plate surrounding the transmission -- automatic or, with some engines, a newly available Borg-Warner four-speed manual -- and switches for the optional power window lifts. The color-keyed instrument panel wore an XL emblem, but was otherwise the same as in other big Fords.

Interior door panels were trimmed in mylar to match the seats and carried courtesy lights with red and clear lenses. Pedals were dressed up in chrome.

With an advertised base list price of $3,108, the XL hardtop cost only $434 more than its six-cylinder, three-speed Galaxie 500 counterpart. That was a good deal by any measure and buyers were quick to recognize it, snapping up 28,412 hardtops and 13,813 convertibles for the model year. That came to nearly six percent of Ford's 1962 big-car production, an impressive showing.

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