1962-1965 BMW 3200CS

The 1962-1965 BMW 3200CS was an interim sporting BMW bridging the gap between the Type 503/507 of the '50s and the 2000/2800CS of the '60s. It was a close-coupled four-seat coupe based on the Type 503 chassis, sharing the same wheelbase, suspension layout, and powertrain.

This 1962 BMW 3200CS coupe was part of the 1962-64 BMW 3200CS line.
1962 BMW 3200CS coupe.  See more pictures of BMW cars.

Styling for the 3200CS was courtesy of Bertone of Italy, which also supplied finished bodies to BMW for final assembly in Munich. In overall appearance, the 3200CS was similar to the later 2000/2800CS, particularly the thin-section roof, notched rear side window shape, and slim B-pillars, indicating that Bertone probably influenced BMW's own designers through this model.

The Germans' trusty V-8 was tweaked once again to produce 160 horsepower, sufficient to give this car a 125-mph top speed. Like the 503/507, it was mostly handbuilt and quite costly as a result. However, an aging chassis and running gear rendered it behind the times almost as soon as it was introduced.

Pluses of the 1962-1965 BMW 3200CS:

  • Fast, sturdy, and nicely furnished
  • Pleasant Bertone styling
  • Good accommodations
  • Rarity (especially in the United States)

Minuses of the 1962-1965 BMW 3200CS:

  • Quite rust-prone
  • Scarce body and engine parts
  • Heavy and thirsty

Production of the 1962-1965 BMW 3200CS:

Specifications of the 1962-1965 BMW 3200CS:
Wheelbase, inches: 111.6
Length, inches: 190.0
Weight, pounds: 3,310
Price, new: NA

Engines for the 1962-1965 BMW 3200CS:

Type Size Horsepower* Years
ohv V-8 3,168 cc (193 cid) 160 1962-1965
*DIN European

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