1962-1964 Chrysler 300

The 1962-1964 Chrysler 300 was the first of the mid-range Chryslers inspired by the letter-series 300. Introduced in '62 as a "plucked chicken," the 300 adopted a "crisp, clean, custom look" in 1963-1964.

The 1964 Chrysler
1964 Chrysler "Silver" 300 hardtop coupe.
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The 1962-1964 Chrysler 300 replaced the Windsor, combining letter-series styling with smaller, thriftier standard engines and much lower prices. Though a winning formula, sales might have been even better had Chrysler Corporation not been in one of its periodic, self-induced financial spasms. The car was available with optional front bucket seats that furthered the impression you were in a "real" 300.

Prime collector picks here are the handful of 1962-1963 models with ram-induction 413/426 wedgeheads (there couldn't have been many); the limited-edition 1963 Pace Setter convertible and hardtop coupe (an open-air 300 paced that year's Indy 500); and the '64 "Silver 300," a "spring special" two-door hardtop with black leather/vinyl interior, matching "Landau" vinyl roof, and silver paint. Pillared 300 sedans show up in factory production tallies, but they never showed up in catalogs and were likely export items; finding one now would be a feat.

Again, the 1962-1964 Chrysler 300s were not the greatest Chryslers ever, but they were hardly the worst, and some remain quite rare. All have high interest value, if not especially high value for appreciation potential.

of the 1962-1964 Chrysler 300:

  • Possible "sleepers"
  • Torsion-bar suspension, TorqueFlite, great V-8s
  • Fairly low production of some models

Minuses of the 1962-1964 Chrysler 300:

  • Not widely saved, so body/trim parts harder than usual to find
  • Styling not universally liked
  • Indifferent workmanship

Production of the 1962 Chrysler 300:
2d htp, 11,341; conv, 1,848; 4d htp, 10,030; 4d sdn, 1801

of the 1963 Chrysler 300:
2d htp, 9,423; Pace Setter 2d htp, 306; conv 1,535 Pace Setter conv, 1,861; 4d htp, 9,915; 4d sdn, 1,625

Production of the 1964 Chrysler 300:
2d htp, 18,379; 4d htp, 11,460; conv, 1,401; 4d sdn, 2,078

Specifications of the 1962-1964 Chrysler 300:
Length, inches: 214.9/215.3 (1962/63-64)
Wheelbase, inches: 122.0
Weight, pounds: 3,750-4,120
Price, new: $3,323-$4,129 (U.S.)

for the 1962-1964 Chrysler 300:

ohv V-8383 cid
ohv V-8413 cid365/380/4051962
ohv V-8413 cid360/3651963-1964
ohv V-8426 cid 373/385/413/4211962
ohv V-8426 cid373/425/4251963

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