1961-1970 Innocenti Spider/Coupe

The 1961-1970 Innocenti Spider/Coupe is one of several products resulting from the linkup between British Motor Corporation (BMC) and Italy's Innocenti. Essentially the Austin-Healey Sprite/MG Midget platform rebodied by Ghia; production by OSI, near Milan.

The 1964 Innocenti Spider, part of the 1961-1970 Innocenti Spider/Coupe series.
1964 Innocenti Spider.  See more pictures of sport cars.

More stylish, expensive, and exclusive than the "Spridget," but a little heavier. Mechanical changes parallel those of British relatives, and basic chassis was unaltered. These Innocentis had roll-up door windows years before the Spridgets.

Pluses of the 1961-1970 Innocenti Spider/Coupe:

  • More attractive and civilized than the BMC product
  • Familiar and sturdy chassis, mechanicals
Minuses of the 1961-1970 Innocenti Spider/Coupe:
  • Heavier than equivalent Sprite/Midget
  • No body parts available now
  • Serious ruster
  • Little expertise and interest in U.S.
Production of the 1961-1970 Innocenti Spider/Coupe:

Specifications of the 1961-1970 Innocenti Spider/Coupe:
Length, inches: 135.0
Wheelbase, inches: 80.0
Weight, pounds:1,595 (Spider), 1,700 (Coupe)
Price, new: $2,900 in U.S. in 1964

Engines for the 1961-1970 Innocenti Spider/Coupe

ohv I-4 (58/67/78) 948/1,098/1,275 45/56/59/65 1961-1970

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