1961-1963 Lincoln Continental

The 1961-1963 Lincoln Continental is considered among the most handsome large American cars ever produced. Chiseled, classic lines from the pen of Elwood Engel stayed the same through these years except for minor grille insert and rear panel changes. It was superbly engineered with a rigid unit body/chassis, extensive sound insulation, very close machining tolerances, and an unprecedented number of long-life service components such as a fully sealed electrical system and thorough factory-applied corrosion protection.

The big Lincoln 430 V-8 from previous years was retained in somewhat detuned form. Each car was bench tested at 3500 rpm for three hours before installation (equivalent to nearly 100 mph), and all cars were given individual 12-mile road tests before shipment, reflecting the strong emphasis given quality control. This car also reintroduced the convertible sedan body type, the first since Kaiser-Frazer's 1949-1951 model. More compact than its immediate predecessors, this Continental rode the same wheelbase as the very roadable 1952-1955 Lincolns.

Pluses of the 1961-1963 Lincoln Continental:

  • Styling excellence
  • High quality
  • Fast and remarkably agile for the luxury class
  • Poshness
  • Convertible sedan's uniqueness, allure
  • A Milestone car

Minuses of the 1961-1963 Lincoln Continental:

  • Mechanical complexity
  • Electrical bothers
  • Somewhat rust-prone

Production of the 1961-1963 Lincoln Continental:

  • 1961: 4d sdn 22,203; 4d conv sdn 2,857
  • 1962: 4d sdn 27,849; 4d conv sdn 3,212
  • 1963: 4d sdn 28,095; 4d conv sdn 3,138

Specifications of the 1961-1963 Lincoln Continental:
Wheelbase, inches: 123.0
Length, inches: 212.4 (1961), 213.0 (1962), 213.3 (1963)
Weight, pounds: 4,927-5,370
Price, new: $6,067-$6,916

Engines for the 1961-1963 Lincoln Continental:

Type Size Horsepower Years
ohv V-8
430 cid 300/3201961-1963

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