1961-1963 Buick Special Skylark

The 1961-1963 Buick Special Skylark is credited with being a highly underrated pioneer of the sporty compact idea. It's ideal transportation now for those collectors who'd prefer to drive a pleasant everyday car that can be sold later for more than they paid for it. Values should keep pace with the rate of inflation, and may even exceed it slightly.

1962 Buick Special Skylark convertible, part of the 1961-1963 Buick Special Skylark line of collectible cars
1962 Buick Special Skylark convertible.
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Convertibles are naturally more desirable than the coupes, and more expensive. Buick's aluminum V-8 gives decent go. An efficient V-6 was available for 1962-1963, and delivers good economy. Quality and luxury are surprisingly good, with great attention paid to soundproofing for that big-car feel so beloved by Detroit. It's still quite contemporary compared to much newer designs.

Pluses of the 1961-1963 Buick Special Skylark:

  • Attractive, if busy, styling
  • Good gas mileage
  • Compact size
  • Posh -- look for optional leather bucket seats

Minuses of the 1961-1963 Buick Special Skylark:

  • Just beginning to be recognized as collectible
  • Some susceptibility to body rot
  • Body parts now scarce

Production of the 1961-1963 Buick Special Skylark:

  • 1961: sport coupe 12,683
  • 1962: sport coupe 34,060; convertible 8,913
  • 1963: sport coupe 32,109; convertible 10,212

Specifications of the 1961-1963 Buick Special Skylark:
Wheelbase, inches: 112.0 (1961) 112.1 (1962-1963)
Length, inches: 188.4 (1961-1962) 192.1 (1963)
Weight, pounds: 2,687-2,871
Price, new: $2,621-$3,012

Engine for the 1961-1963 Buick Special Skylark:

Type Size
ohv V-8 215 cid
155/185/200 1961-1963

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