1960 Edsel Ranger

The 1960 Edsel Ranger convertible was part of Edsel's 1960 model run, when Edsel breathed its last breath. This token model run included just 76 convertibles. Ironically, the redesigned '60s were the most salable Edsels yet, but they simply had no future.

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1960 Edsel Ranger
Only 76 1960 Edsel Ranger convertibles were ever made.
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Ford Motor Company needn't have bothered with 1960 Edsels. Only 2809 were built by mid-November 1959, when Ford decided to end the Edsel experiment after two supremely disappointing years.

The 1960 Edsel Ranger
The 1960 Edsel Ranger had a standard 292-cubic-inch V-8 engine.

Rangers and Villager wagons made up Edsel's reduced 1960 lineup. Edsel's '59 convertible had been an upper-crust Corsair priced at $3072. The 1960 Ranger ragtop started at $3000, but its standard 292-cubic-inch V-8 had only 185 horsepower versus its predecessor's 225-bhp 332. A 300-bhp 352 V-8 was optional across the board for 1960. So was a humble 223 six.

All this applied to Ford, too, because the last Edsels were basically warmed-over '60 Fords. That meant mostly new cars that were longer, lower, much wider, and arguably better-looking than the boxy '59s. Trouble was, these Edsels were low-priced cars, not high-profit "executive" wheels; as such, they were superfluous to Ford's future. Edsel was thus quietly terminated, but it would not be forgotten.

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