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1960-1969 Ford Trucks

1966 Ford Trucks

1966 Ford Bronco Sports Utility Vehicle

For 1966, Ford once again introduced a new line of light-duty trucks, as well as new heavy-duty line for over-the-road semi-tractor service. The former was a new four-wheel-drive sport-utility vehicle called the Bronco, which was offered in three body styles, all with either no top or one that could be removed. The latter were the flat-faced W-Series Cab-Over-Engine truck models, which would replace the aging Ford H-Series line.

Also for 1966, the Ranchero grew in size because the Falcon on which it was based was enlarged in a complete redesign.



Aimed squarely at the Jeep CJ and International Scout, Ford's Bronco arrived for 1966 in three body styles, all with four-wheel drive. The Sports Utility version (shown here) was a two-seater with a very short pickup bed. Its top could be removed and windshield folded, thus turning the Bronco into a truly "open" vehicle.

A 170-cubic-inch six engine was standard, but a 289-cid V-8 was added as an option later in the model year.

1966 Ford Bronco Sports Utility

A 1966 Ford Bronco Sports Utility with camper was the perfect truck for those yearning to vacation in out-of-the-way places.

1966 Ford F-Series

A restyled grille was the only change of note to the 1966 F-series pickup trucks. This restored example boasts upscale Custom Cab trim.

1966 Ford F-350

1966 Ford F-350s fitted with a wrecker body were popular for tow truck use.

1966 Ford W-Series

The H-Series high tilt cab was replaced by the flat-faced W-Series in mid 1966. All Ws were diesel powered, with a wide choice of engines from Caterpillar, Cummins, and Detroit Diesel. Ford's Ranchero truck transitioned from a Falcon base to a Fairlane base in 1967. See the results on the next page.

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