1960-1963 Imperial Crown

The 1960-1963 Imperial Crowns were the last Exner-styled Imperials. All shared a new 1960 bodyshell and retained separate frames, even though other Chrysler products switched to "Unibody" construction after '59.

The 1962 Crown convertible, part of the 1960-1963 Imperial Crown line of collectible cars.
1962 Crown convertible.  See more pictures of Imperial cars.

Initially designed with swollen fins, florid front, and simulated rear-deck spare tire outline, the 1960-1963 Imperial Crown was then facelifted with throwback "classic era" freestanding headlamps (in pods on short stalks within pocketed fenders) and gull-like rear "wings." The last were plucked for '62 and 1956-style "gunsight" taillamps appeared on the straight-top fenders.

Elwood Engel, Exner's successor, put taillights back in the fenders on the (again) mildly refurbished '63s, and the previous year's split grille was replaced by a group of little rectangles. Chrysler's wedgehead 413 was used all years, and there were few mechanical or chassis changes from 1957-1959.

Interiors continued to be luxurious, set off by a commanding but gimmick-laden dash. It was awash in pushbuttons for transmission (standard TorqueFlite automatic), heating/air conditioning, etc.

of the 1960-1963 Imperial Crown:
  • Cheaper than pre-1960 Crowns
  • High luxury
  • Surprisingly roadable
Minuses of the 1960-1963 Imperial Crown:
  • Questionable 1960-61 styling
  • Still rust-prone
  • Thirsty
  • Spotty fit and finish
Production of the 1960 Imperial Crown:
4d sdn, 1,594; Southampton htp sdn, 4,510; Southampton htp cpe, 1,504; conv, 618

Production of the 1961 Imperial Crown:
Southampton htp sdn, 4,769; Southampton htp cpe, 1,007; conv, 429

of the 1962 Imperial Crown:
Southampton htp sdn, 6,911; Southampton htp cpe, 1,010; conv, 554

Production of the 1963 Imperial Crown:
Southampton htp sdn, 6,960; Southampton htp cpe, 1,067; conv, 531

Specifications of the 1960-1963 Imperial Crown:
Length, inches: 228.0 (1960), 227.1 (1961-62), 227.8 (1963)
Wheelbase, inches: 129.0
Weight, pounds: 4,720-4,865
Price (new): $5,403-$5,782 (U.S.)

for the 1960-1963 Imperial Crown:
ohv V-8413 cid

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