1960-1962 Chrysler 300F/300G/300H

The 1960 Chrysler 300-F offered some important improvements, despite styling generally seen as retrograde.There was the unit construction, optional 400-bhp ram-manifold wedgehead V-8, standard bucket seats and center console front and rear, optional Pont-a-Mousson four-speed manual gearbox (fitted to no more than 15 examples), and a choice of axle ratios from 2.93 to 3.73.

The 1961 Chrysler 300-G hardtop coupe, part of the letter-series 300.
1961 Chrysler 300-G hardtop coupe.
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The embossed deck lid "spare tire" was deleted on the tidier 1961 300-G, which introduced an upside-down trapezoid grille and canted, vertical quad headlights. A heavy-duty three-speed manual was reinstated as an option to replace the French four-speeder, and the 300 reverted to 15-inch wheels for the first time since 1956.

The 1962 300-H rode a 4-inch-shorter wheelbase, but retained the same basic look aside from being shorn of its fins.

Pluses of the 1960-1962 Chrysler 300F/300G/300H:

  • Less costly now than earlier 300s
  • Aggressive good looks
  • 300-H's finless rear
  • Improved assembly quality
  • Speedy and well-furnished as ever
Minuses of the 1960-1962 Chrysler 300F/300G/300H:
  • Definite ruster
  • Very thirsty
  • Requires high octane
Production of the 1960 Chrysler 300F:
  • 2-door hardtop: 964
  • Convertible: 248
Production of the 1961 Chrysler 300G:
  • 2-door hardtop: 1280
  • Convertible: 337
Production of the 1962 Chrysler 300H:
  • 2-door hardtop: 435
  • Convertible: 123
Specifications of the 1960-1962 Chrysler 300F/300G/300H:
Length, inches: 219.7 (1960-61), 215.3 (1962)
Wheelbase, inches: 126.0 (1960-61), 122.0 (1962)
Weight, pounds: 4,010-4,315
Price, new: $5,090-5,841

Engines for the 1960-1962 Chrysler 300F/300G/300H:

TypeSize Horsepower Years
ohv V-8 413 375-405 1960-1962

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