1959-1963 Lotus Elite

1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963 Lotus Elite Specifications

If you find a Lotus Elite today, you’ll have to ante up a good bit of money for it -- up to twice the original U.S. price of $4,500 for a clean one. While on the one hand the relative value of an Elite is due to its limited production, on the other it speak­s well for the car’s unique and advanced design and its reputation for perfor­mance. Most of all, the Elite stands as one of Colin Chapman’s many lasting accomplishments.

Find specifications for the 1959-1963 Lotus Elite in the following chart:

1959-63 Lotus Elite Specifications


Front-engine, rear-drive, two-seat, two-door coupe

Fiberglass monocoque chassis

Fiberglass body
Dimensions and Capacities

88 inches
Overall length
148 inches
Curb weight
1,450 pounds

Engine type
Coventry-Climax FWE ohc inline 4-cylinder
1,216 cc/74.2 ci
Fuel Delivery
1 or 2 SU or 2 Weber carburetors
Net bhp @ rpm
Transmission type
MG 4-speed or ZF 4-speed manual

Front suspension
Independent, wishbone,coil springs, shocks, anti-sway bar
Rear suspension
Independent, Chapman struts, trailing arm
Rack and pinion
Brake system
4-wheel discs
15-inch wire, knockoff hubs

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