1959-1961 Jaguar Mark IX

The 1959-1961 Jaguar Mark IX is the last of the original 1950 Mark VII design, now with four-wheel disc brakes, power steering, and the bored-out 3.8-liter twincam engine as standard equipment. Virtually all were equipped with Borg-Warner automatic transmission. The only appearance change of note compared to the previous Mark VIII was a change in the identifying nameplate on the trunk lid.

The 1961 Jaguar Mark IX sedan, part of the 1959-1961 Jaguar Mark IX series.
1961 Jaguar Mark IX sedan.  See more pictures of Jaguar cars.

Pluses of the 1959-1961 Jaguar Mark IX:
  • Six passenger room combined with near XK120 performance
  • Graceful "period" styling
  • Not too expensive for a collectible
  • Milestone cars
  • Better brakes than the Mark VII/VIIM and Mark VIII
  • More affordable than it's been in a long time
Minuses of the 1959-1961 Jaguar Mark IX:
  • Lately depreciating
  • Rust-prone
  • Body parts no longer around
  • Marginal brakes
  • Construction quality doesn't match looks
Production of the 1959-1961 Jaguar Mark IX:

Specifications of the 1959-1961 Jaguar Mark IX:
Length, inches: 196.5
Wheelbase, inches: 120.0
Weight, pounds: 4,000
Price, new: approx. $6,500 U.S. in 1961

Engines for the 1959-1961 Jaguar Mark IX:

dohc I-6 (231) 3,781 220

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