1959-1960 Mercury Park Lane

1959 Mercury Park Lane convertible of the 1959-1960 Park Lanes
1959 Mercury Park Lane convertible

The 1959-1960 Mercury Park Lane was as big as a "Big M" ever got, the last remnant of Dearborn's overly ambitious mid-'50s expansion plan that also produced jumbo Lincolns and the ill-timed Edsel. The platform was still unique to Mercury, as in 1957-1958 (though once also planned for '59 Edsels), but all-new, with husky styling, more massive proportions, and huge compound-curve windshields.

The Park Lane had all this, plus wider, new-design frames with longer wheelbases and lower floorpans for vast interior space (abetted up front by a more compact dash).

The new-for-'58 Park Lane completely took over for the glitzy Turnpike Cruiser as the top-line series, though all hardtops were now called Cruiser. Park Lanes again rode Merc's longest wheelbase and carried the huge Lincoln 430 V-8 as standard.

A four-barrel carb was featured for '59, but the '60 came with a two-barrel, a faint gesture toward "economy" brought on by the '58 recession. Styling was quieter both inside and out for 1960.

A still-depressed medium-price market makes these pricey Park Lanes among the rarest 1959-1960 Mercurys, though like so many contemporaries they've since become coveted as big, bright, and brazen.

Not included here, but also worthy of collector consideration, are the wood-look Colony Park wagons, trimmed to Park Lane standards and the last of the pillarless big-Merc wagons first seen for '57.

Pluses of the 1959-1960 Mercury Park Lane:

  • Period size and style
  • Huge interiors
  • Smooth performance
  • Still somewhat overlooked and thus cheaper than some rivals

Minuses of the 1959-1960 Mercury Park Lane:

  • Moderately rust-prone
  • Thirsty
  • Not many preserved, so both cars and some parts now quite scarce

Production of the 1959 Mercury Park Lane:

  • Cruiser hardtop sedan: 7,206
  • Cruiser hardtop coupe: 4,060
  • Convertible: 1,257

Production of the 1960 Mercury Park Lane:

  • Cruiser hardtop sedan: 5,788
  • Cruiser hardtop coupe: 2,974
  • Convertible: 1,525

Specifications of the 1959-1960 Mercury Park Lane:
Wheelbase, inches: 125.0
Length, inches: 222.8 (1959), 219.2 (1960)
Weight, pounds: 4,310-4,500
Price, new: $3,955-$4,205 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1959-1960 Mercury Park Lane:

TypeSize Horsepower Years
ohv V-8 430 345 1959
ohv V-84303101960

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