1958 Buick Limited Classic Car

1958 Buick Limited Reintroduced

The Limited engine was also fitted to the Roadmaster, Century, and Super.
The Limited engine was also fitted to the Roadmaster, Century, and Super.
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As reintroduced for 1958, the Limited was basically an upgraded Roadmaster, but with an extended rear deck decorated by chromed chevrons on the fenders. "Twin-Tower" taillamps, exclusive to the Limited, brought up the rear.

The wheelbase measured the same 125.5 inches as the Roadmaster, but the rear overhang stretched out an extra eight inches, bringing the overall length to 227.1 in. Not even the extended-deck version of the Cadillac Sixty-Two could top it for length

Nor could the big new Buick be called inexpensive. In its 1958 incarnation, the Limited cost more -- anywhere from $110 to $240 -- than the base models of Lincoln, Imperial, and Cadillac. In fact, its price was actually $33 higher than Caddy's extended-deck model.

Buick people will insist to this day that the Limited was worth the money because its fit and finish were of the highest order. The biscuit-pattern interiors came in a choice of Mojave cloth or broadcloth, with leather trim in either instance.

Convertibles sported fine leather in a wide variety of colors. Buick aficionados even claim that the Limited was a better balanced automobile than the Cadillac. And the finned aluminum brakes, which had been extended for 1958 to all but the Special series, lived up to Buick's advertising claims.

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