1958-1962 AMC Metropolitan

The 1958-1962 AMC Metropolitan was a continuation of the 1954-1957 Nash/Hudson Metropolitan under the AMC badge. This line was still powered by the Series 56 1500cc Austin overhead-valve four.

This 1957 AMC Metropolitan hardtop was part of the 1958-1962 AMC Metropolitan line.
1957 AMC Metropolitan hardtop.
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The tiny "Met" hit its all-time peak of 22,309 units imported in 1959, after which Detroit's compacts overwhelmed it in the economy-car market and sales plummeted drastically. In mid-1959, AMC added an opening trunklid for the first time, along with more comfortable seats, vent wings, and tubeless tires.

Pluses of the 1958-1962 AMC Metropolitan:

  • The most refined Met
  • Very economical

Minuses of the 1958-1962 AMC Metropolitan:

  • Dumpy styling, in colors reminiscent of Neapolitan ice cream
  • A serious ruster

Production of the 1958-1962 AMC Metropolitan (based on shipments from England):

  • 1958: 13,128
  • 1959: 22,309
  • 1960: 13,103
  • 1961: 853
  • 1962: 412

Specifications of the 1958-1962 AMC Metropolitan:
Wheelbase, inches: 85.0
Length, inches: 149.5
Weight, pounds: 1,850-1,890
Price, new: $1,626-1,697

Engines for the 1958-1962 AMC Metropolitan:

Type Size Horsepower Years
ohv I-4 90.0 cid 52 1958-1962

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