1957 Lincoln Premiere

Fins flew higher than ever in 1957, and the 1957 Lincoln Premiere had some of the tallest in Detroit- -- a literal big change from the low, handsomely sculpted rear fenders of 1956. The appendages might have been even higher, but cooler heads fortunately prevailed in the design studio.

1957 lincoln premiere
The 1957 Lincoln Premiere featured QuadraLites: 7-inch headlamps
above the others. See more pictures of classic convertibles.

Otherwise, Lincoln's successful '56 formula was little changed for '57. The only other visual difference was "QuadraLites," conventional 7-inch headlamps above 5-inch "road" lamps. Under the hood, Lincoln's 368-cubic-inch V-8 gained higher compression and 15 horsepower for an even 300.

1957 lincoln premiere
The 1957 Lincoln Premiere's 368-cubic-inch V-8 produced an even
300 horsepower.

The Premiere convertible again headed the line, but joined other models in being quite a bit more expensive -- $5381. Only 3676 were built. Even then it wasn't the rarest '57 Lincoln, but as a ragtop, of course, it was surely the most desirable.

1957 lincoln premiere
The 1957 Lincoln Premiere was expensive, as convertibles go, but still desirable.

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