1957-1960 Rambler Rebel

1960 Rambler Rebel

There was a subtle downplay of the 1960 Rambler Rebel name in that year's sales brochures. Rather than focus on the separate Six and Rebel models, as in previous years, emphasis was placed on the Rambler name and the trim levels, with the notation that each series was offered with "Economy 6 or Rebel V-8 engines."

1960 Rambler Rebel
The Rebel added two station wagons in 1960, though
the growing lineup would be dropped the next year.

It almost seemed as if the company was saying Rebel was now a specific engine, rather than a model range. That wasn't the actual case, and it would hardly be worth mentioning if not for what happened next.

You see, the 1960 model year ended up being the last for the Rebel, at least for a while. For 1961, all 108-inch-wheelbase Ramblers bore the name Classic, regardless of engine. The Rebel badge would remain retired until revived in late 1966 for a sporty hardtop in the Classic range before taking over as the name for all 1967-70 AMC intermediates.

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