1957-1960 Rambler Rebel

Not only did the recently formed American Motors, under new president George Romney, decide in the mid-1950s to stake its future on stressing sensible economy, it was also determined to achieve that goal on the back of the compact 1957-1960 Rambler Rebel.

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1959 Rambler Rebel
The Rebel, shown here as a 1959 model, helped
Rambler make a name for itself as a distinct brand.
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Still, there was no denying the lure of horsepower in the Fifties. Just to be on the safe side, Romney and company hedged their bets with a line of V-8 Ramblers, including an unlikely "supercar," the 1957-1960 Rambler Rebel. Rambler stepped out on its own as a distinct American Motors make in '57, then it shot past the rest of Amer­ica's sedans with the hot-performing Rebel.

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