1958-1960 Dodge Pickup

The 1957-1960 Dodge Pickup saw numerous redesigns. In 1957 a "Forward Look" front end was adopted. 1958 brought quad headlamps, reworked horizontal-bar grille, and numerous two-tone paint combinations. The D100 ("100" designating 1/2-ton) Sweptside had bowed for 1957 as a prestige item to answer Chevy's slow-selling but gorgeous Cameo Carrier. The Sweptside, with its station-wagon flanks, continued for 1958, when it was joined by the better-selling Sweptline, which eschewed the Sweptside's car-like fins for a large, square bed that was as wide as the cab.

1957-1960 Dodge Pickup
1958 Dodge D100 Sweptside pickup.  See more pictures of Dodge cars.

Model-year 1959 brought a new grille and, more significantly, a hard-pulling 318-cid V-8 rated at 205 bhp and 290 pounds/feet of torque. The final year of the series, 1960, offered little new beyond a mesh grille. Apt to be overlooked is the 1/2-ton Power Wagon, with modern wraparound windshield and available 4-wheel-drive.

Pluses of the 1957-1960 Dodge Pickup:
  • Not collected nearly as fervently as they should be, so examples can be had at reasonable prices
  • Representative of a significant styling interlude
  • Hardy and practical as well as good-looking

Minuses of the 1957-1960 Dodge Pickup:
  • Questionable parts availability
  • Susceptibility to rust

Production of the 1957-1960 Dodge Pickup:
1958: 24,563
1959: NA
1960: 33,454

Specifications of the 1957-1960 Dodge Pickup:
Wheelbase, inches
: 108/116
Length, inches
: NA
Weight, pounds
: 3,225-3,475
Price, ne
w: $1,714-2,189 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1957-1960 Dodge Pickup:

Type Size
sv I-6
230.2 cc
120 1958-1959
V-8 314.6 cc
V-8 318 cc
205 1959

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