1957-1958 Chrysler 300C/300D

The 1957-1958 Chrysler 300-C/300-D were restyled, even more potent extensions of Chrysler's brawny hot rod. The 1957 300-C and 1958 300-D were the last of the Hemi-powered letter series, and were sold in hardtop or new convertible form. On 9.25:1 compression, the '57 Hemi delivered 375 bhp, and 390 bhp (maybe more) was available with special 10:1 compression heads. Three-speed Torque Flite automatic or manual transmission was offered.

The 1958 Chrysler 300-D convertible, part of the Chrysler letter-series 300.
1958 Chrysler 300-D convertible.  See more pictures of Chrysler cars.

The 300 shared its new torsion-bar front suspension with the New Yorker -- and other Chrysler products -- but had beefier bars. Quality control declined, but the leather-trimmed interior now had individual seats.

For 1958, the optional "hi-po" engine was a fuel-injected 392, conservatively rated at 390 bhp. The only differences in Virgil Exner's dramatic styling between the two models are minor: shorter taillights that didn't entirely fill the fin, and a modified windshield header for the 300-D.

Pluses for the 1957-1958 Chrysler 300-C/300-D:

  • The best-looking tailfin Mopars ever
  • High appreciation potential
  • Great long-haul road car

Minuses for the 1957-1958 Chrysler 300-C/300-D:

  • Scarcity
  • High prices
  • Fuel thirst (and a taste for high-octane gas now hard to come by)
  • Definitely susceptible to rust

Production of the 1957 Chrysler 300-C:

  • 2-door hardtop: 1918
  • Convertible: 484

Production of the 1958 Chrysler 300-D:

  • 2-door hardtop: 618
  • Convertible: 191

Specifications of the 1957-1958 Chrysler 300-C/300-D:
Length, inches: 219.2 (1957) 220.2 (1958)
Wheelbase, inches: 126.0
Weight, pounds: 4235-4475
Price, new: $4929-5603

Engines for the 1957-1958 Chrysler 300-C/300-D:

ohv V-8 392 375/380/390 1957-1958

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