1955 Willys Bermuda

1955 Willys Bermuda hardtop coupe, part of the 1955 Willys Bermuda line of collectible cars.
1955 Willys Bermuda hardtop coupe

The 1955 Willys Bermuda was the renamed successor to the Aero-Eagle hardtop, a last-ditch attempt to improve its meager sales. A modest facelift on the Aero-Willys body included a vertical-bar grille, bodyside two-toning, and new ornamentation and taillights.

Hardtop prices were cut to just below the $2,000 level in an effort to stimulate showroom traffic. But it wasn't enough, and only a few Bermudas were produced, along with an equally modest number of Ace and Custom sedans.

Rarity, top-line status, and the marque's final model year make the Bermuda the most collectible of all the Aero-Willys models. Willys passenger cars continued to be built for several years in Brazil following the end of Kaiser-Willys' U.S. operations.

Pluses of the 1955 Willys Bermuda:

  • Scarcity
  • Nice looks
  • Fine ride/handling combination
  • 226-cid models have good performance
  • Reasonable economy even today

Minuses of the 1955 Willys Bermuda:

  • Styling
  • Slow appreciation
  • Early rust-out threat
  • Body parts scarce

Production of the 1955 Willys Bermuda:

  • 226-cid: 2,156
  • 161-cid: 59

Specifications of the 1955 Willys Bermuda:
Wheelbase, inches: 108.0
Length, inches: 189.9
Weight, pounds: 2,831
Price, new: $1,997

Engines for the 1955 Willys Bermuda:

ohv I-6 161 cid 90 1955
sv I-6226.2 cid

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