1955-1957 Hudson Hornet

The 1955-1957 Hudson Hornet is unflatteringly referred to nowadays as the "Hash," the predictable result of the American Motors merger. Now built as a reskinned Nash, these cars were produced on the Kenosha, Wisconsin assembly lines instead of in Hudson's old Detroit factory.

Styling of the 1955-1957 Hudson Hornet was individual, but in most eyes became progressively worse. The '55 Hornet was the cleanest model of this trio, with a broad eggcrate grille and distinctive two-toning. For 1956 there was "V-Line Styling" that attempted to put Hudson's traditional triangle logo shape in every nook and cranny. It was blindingly accented by tacky anodized aluminum appliqués. The last Hudsons appeared for '57, even more gaudy than before.

The Hornet's legendary six, with and without Twin-H Power, was offered through 1956, Packard's 320 V-8 in 1955 and the first half of '56, and AMC's new 327-cid V-8 in 1957. A late 1956-only Hornet Special came with Kenosha's new 250 V-8 and a lower price.

A companion Wasp series was also fielded for 1955-1956, based on the shorter wheelbase Nash Statesman platform and with less ornate trim. It was replaced by the Hornet Super for '57, while the more deluxe version was called Hornet Custom.

of the 1955-1957 Hudson Hornet:
  • The comfy Nash body
  • Hudson's great six or new V-8s
  • Good performance
  • Not too expensive
  • Appreciating faster lately
Minuses of the 1955-1957 Hudson Hornet:
  • Dreadful 1956-1957 appearance
  • Thirsty
  • Rusts easily
  • Body parts supplies spotty or nonexistent
  • Not a true Hudson
Production of the 1955 Hudson Hornet:
4d sdn, 10,010; Hollywood 2d htp, 3,324

Production of the 1956 Hudson Hornet:
4d sdn, 6,512; Hollywood 2d htp, 1,640

Production of the 1957 Hudson Hornet:
3,876 (combined total)

Specifications of the 1955-1957 Hudson Hornet:
Length, inches: 209.3
Wheelbase, inches: 121.3
Weight, pounds: 3,467-3,826
Price, new: $2,405-$3,159 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1955-1957 Hudson Hornet:

sv I-6308 cid
sv I-6308 cid165/1751956
ohv V-8320 cid2081955-1956
ohv V-8250 cid1901956
ohv V-8327 cid2551957

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