1955-1956 DeSoto Fireflite

The first DeSotos were completely styled by Virgil Exner, and the 1955-1956 DeSoto Fireflite ranks among the division's most striking cars. The Fireflite featured lush upholstery and trick design features, like a "gullwing" dash and a toothy grille.

This model’s performance was more than ample from Hemi V-8 engines. Buyers had a choice between solid and wild two-tone colors, the latter with contrasting color in a chrome trimmed bodyside sweepspear.

Pluses of the 1955-1956 DeSoto Fireflite:

  • Good styling for the period
  • Quality construction
  • Performance
Minuses of the 1955-1956 DeSoto Fireflite:
  • Limited collector appeal
  • Debatable design details
Production of the 1955 DeSoto Fireflite:
  • 4-door sedan: 26,637
  • 2-door Sportsman htp: 10,313
  • Convertible: 775
Production of the 1956 DeSoto Fireflite:
  • 4-door sedan: 18,207 (incl. Coronado)
  • 2-door hardtop: 8,475
  • Convertible: 1,385 (incl. Pacesetter)
  • 4-door hardtop: 3,350

Specifications of the 1955-1956 DeSoto Fireflite:
Wheelbase, inches: 126.0
Length, inches: 217.9

Weight, pounds: 3,890-4,075

Price, new: $2,727-3,615 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1955-1956 DeSoto Fireflite:

Type Size
ohv V-8
291 cc
200 1955
ohv V-8
330 cc
255 1956

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