1954 Hudson Jet-Liner

The 1954 Hudson Jet-Liner is certainly the model to look for if a Hudson Jet turns you on. This was the top-line offering in the car's second -- and final -- year, with a choice of two- or four-door sedans. The interior decor featured duotone vinyl trim.

Most Jet-Liners had the optional 114-bhp version of Hudson's small L-head six-cylinder engine, which actually had been tooled from the old Commodore eight. Designer Frank Spring's proposed styling was much prettier than the shape that finally emerged. The Jet's kiddy-car proportions were fostered mainly by Hudson president Edward Barit.

Pluses of the 1954 Hudson Jet-Liner:

  • The best of the Jets
  • Moderately luxurious
  • Good performance
  • Fine roadability

Minuses of the 1954 Hudson Jet-Liner:

  • Dull
  • Barren interior
  • Rust-prone
  • Not too many around

Production of the 1954 Hudson Jet-Liner:
2000 (est.)

Specifications of the 1954 Hudson Jet-Liner:
Length, inches: 180.7
Wheelbase, inches: 105.0
Weight, pounds: 2,740-2,760
Price, new: $2,046-$2,057

for the 1954 Hudson Jet-Liner:

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