1954-1955 Swallow Doretti

The 1954-1955 Swallow Doretti was a short-lived attempt at a competitor for the Triumph TR2. Production was undertaken in Britain by a subsidiary of the giant Tube Investments Group. The branch was descended from the original Swallow coachworks of the '20s and '30s from which Jaguar evolved, but was not connected with the latterday Jaguar firm.

The Doretti borrowed much from its intended rival, using the TR2 engine, transmission, and front suspension. Its chassis was a box-section/tubular-member affair, and was topped by a smart, two-seat roadster body.

Bigger, heavier, and slower than the TR2, the Swallow Doretti's top speed was nonetheless comparable at about 100 mph. However, the Doretti was very costly, and failed to sell for that reason. Production ended almost as soon as it began, marking the first -- and last -- attempt by this Swallow company at carmaking.

Pluses of the 1954-1955 Swallow Doretti:
  • Well-known Triumph running gear
  • Pleasant styling
  • Individual and exclusive

Minuses of the 1954-1955 Swallow Doretti:

  • Body and chassis parts all gone now
  • Extremely rare and hard to find, even in Britain

Production of the 1954-1955 Swallow Doretti:
approximately 250

Specifications of the 1954-1955 Swallow Doretti:
Wheelbase, inches: 95.0
Length, inches: 156.0
Weight, pounds: 2,155
Price, new: NA

Engines for the 1954-1955 Swallow Doretti:

ohv I-4 1,991 cc (122 cid)
90* 1954-1955

* Gross

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