1953-1962 Fiat 1100TV

The 1953-1962 Fiat 1100TV was the sporty, higher-power version of Fiat's small-to-medium market family sedan line of these years, with 53 bhp instead of the base 36-bhp 1100cc engine. The "TV" designation stands for "Touring Veloce"-- lively touring car.

Many variations were tried through the series' decade of production. Most were based on the boxy, upright four-door sedan bodyshell, but there was also a quaintly styled open two-seat roadster, which is the body style to have today. Stark trim and equipment, but very sporting road manners made the 1100TV a natural in its day as a platform for rally use.

Sedans featured an identifying "cyclops" auxiliary center headlight in the grille. The basic 1100 design continued to be built in other countries after its phaseout in Italy. These included India, where production lasted until the mid-1970s.

Pluses of the 1953-1962 Fiat 1100TV:

  • No-nonsense engineering
  • Quite lively
  • Some parts still available
  • Unbreakable engine if cared for

Minuses of the 1953-1962 Fiat 1100TV:

  • Limited performance (80 mph tops)
  • Monocoque construction rust worries
  • Not very refined
  • Unexciting styling, even on roadster

Specifications of the 1953-1962 Fiat 1100TV:
Wheelbase, inches: 92.0
Length, inches: 148.0

Weight, pounds: 1,865
Price, new
: NA

Engines for the 1953-1962 Fiat 1100TV:

ohv I-4
1,089 cc (66 cid)

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