1952 Kaiser Virginian DeLuxe

The 1952 Kaiser Virginia DeLuxe was the upper-priced series in Kaiser's interim 1952 line, announced at the start of the model year. Composed of leftover 1951s with new serial numbers and badges, it was withdrawn after the "genuine" 1952s were ready. Most came with a standard "continental" exterior-mount spare tire.

Pluses of the 1952 Kaiser Virginian DeLuxe:

  • Beautiful styling, perhaps the best among early-1950s domestics
  • Good quality
  • Smooth highway performance
  • Scarcity

Minuses of the 1952 Kaiser Virginia DeLuxe:

  • Can rust, particularly rocker panels and fenders
  • Vapor lock a constant problem
  • Other engine quirks, including overheating
  • Lack of hardtop and convertible models

Production of the 1952 Kaiser Virginian DeLuxe:
Approx. 3,500

Specifications of the 1952 Kaiser Virginian DeLuxe:
Wheelbase, inches
: 118.5
Length, inches
: 215.7
Weight, pounds
: 3,111-3,345
Price, new
: $2,095-2,241 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1952 Kaiser Virginian DeLuxe:

Type Size
sv I-6
225.2 cc
115 1852

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