1952-1954 Willys Aero-Eagle

1954 Willys Aero-Eagle hardtop coupe, part of the 1952-1954 Willys Aero-Eagle line of collectible cars.
1954 Willys Aero-Eagle hardtop coupe

The 1952-1954 Willys Aero-Eagle was Willys' return to a "proper" passenger car, engineered by Clyde Paton and styled by Phil Wright. Built with monocoque construction, the clean-lined Aero Willys was practical in size and one of the best-riding compacts of the early '50s.

Unfortunately, the price was too high to wean many buyers away from Ford, Chevy, and Plymouth models, even the cheaper ones. The Aero-Eagle two-door hardtop was the costliest and most luxurious of the various models offered, which also included Wing, Lark, Ace, and Falcon two- and four-door sedans.

Kaiser acquired Willys in 1954, and the 226-cid Kaiser six was offered as an optional alternative to the Willys F-head four and 161-cid six. The Custom designation was introduced that year to denote an exterior or "continental" style spare tire mount.

Pluses of the 1952-1954 Willys Aero-Eagle:

  • Nice looks
  • Fine ride/handling combination
  • 226-cid models have good performance
  • Reasonable economy even today

Minuses of the 1952-1954 Willys Aero-Eagle:

  • Slow appreciation
  • Early rust-out threat
  • Body parts scarce

Production of the 1952 Willys Aero-Eagle:

Production of the 1953 Willys Aero-Eagle:

Production of the 1954 Willys Aero-Eagle:

  • 226-cid: 973 (including 11 Customs)
  • 161-cid: 583 (including 499 Customs)

Specifications of the 1952-1954 Willys Aero-Eagle:
Wheelbase, inches: 108.0
Length, inches: 180.9/183.0 (1952-1953/1954)
Weight, pounds: 2,575-2,847
Price, new: $2,155-$2,904

Engines for the 1952-1954 Willys Aero-Eagle:

F I-4 134.2 cid75/90 1952-1954
F I-6161 cid721953-1954
sv I-6226.2 cid1151954

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