1952-1954 Lincoln Capri

1953 Lincoln Capri hardtop coupe, part of the 1952-1954 Lincoln Capri line of collectible cars
1953 Lincoln Capri hardtop coupe

The 1952-1954 Lincoln Capri was the replacement for the Cosmopolitan as Lincoln's top of the line series. It was offered in three body styles. Both series rode a new 123-inch-wheelbase chassis with newly designed ball joint front suspension, recirculating-ball power steering, and jumbo drum brakes.

In the engine room was Ford Motor Company's first overhead-valve V-8, which would be extended to Ford and Mercury (with reduced displacement) for 1954. For 1953, the Lincoln V-8 produced more power per cubic inch (0.64) than any of its competitors.

Styling changed completely too, with a more contemporary squared-off look, clean almost to the point of being plain, and again uncomfortably similar to Mercurys of these years.

Extensive sound deadening enhanced refinement, and the optional air conditioning system featured flow-through ventilation. These Lincolns are highly regarded today for their superlative performance in the Carrera Panamericana (Mexican Road Race) in these years.

Pluses of the 1952-1954 Lincoln Capri:

  • Clean, handsome looks
  • Fine fit and finish
  • Performance
  • Good handling for the class
  • Milestone car status

Minuses of the 1952-1954 Lincoln Capri:

  • Some rust likely
  • Body hardware scarce now

Production of the 1952-1954 Lincoln Capri:

  • 1952: 4d sdn 7,000 (est.); 2d htp 5,681; conv 1,191
  • 1953: 4d sdn 11,352; 2d htp 12,916; conv 2,372
  • 1954: 4d sdn 13,598; 2d htp 14,000; 2d conv 1,951

Specifications of the 1952-1954 Lincoln Capri:
Wheelbase, inches: 123.0
Length, inches: 214.1 (1952-1953), 214.8 (1954)
Weight, pounds: 4,140-4,350 Price, new: $3,331-$4,031

Engines for the 1952-1954 Lincoln Capri:

Type Size Horsepower Years
ohv V-8317.5 cid 160/205 1952-1954

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