1952-1954 Hudson Wasp

The 1952-1954 Hudson Wasp was an attractively upgraded version of the short-wheelbase 1950-1952 Pacemaker, with the larger Commodore six for improved performance. A full line of sedans, club coupe, hardtop and convertible body styles was offered in the 1952 debut series.

Then came the Super Wasp offerings for 1953-1954. Just three closed bodies were listed for the standard Wasp in those years. The convertible and hardtop continued with the 1953-1954 Super Wasp.

of the 1952-1954 Hudson Wasp:
  • A bit more compact, easier-to-handle Step-Down
  • Overshadowed by the mighty Hornet, so less expensive
  • Quality construction and materials
Minuses of the 1952-1954 Hudson Wasp:
  • Lower appreciation than Hornet
  • Not too many around now
Production of the 1952 Hudson Wasp:

Production of the 1953 Hudson Wasp:
17,792 (incl. 1953 Super Wasp)

Production of the 1954 Hudson Wasp:
11,603 (incl. 1954 Super Wasp)

Specifications of the 1952-1954 Hudson Wasp:
Length, inches: 201.5
Wheelbase, inches: 119.0
Weight, pounds: 3,340-3,635
Price, new: $2,209-$3,048 (U.S.)

for the 1952-1954 Hudson Wasp:

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sv I-6262 cid1271952-1953

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