1952-1954 Fiat 8V

The 1952-1954 Fiat 8V was a classic case of engineers “thinking aloud,” and a very specialized product from a firm whose main business is mostly four-cylinder economy models. The Fiat 8V was a typical limited-production Italian sports car that was usable on the road, but was really intended for "production" racing.

The chassis featured all-independent suspension, as well as some transmission components borrowed from the four-wheel-drive Fiat Campagnola. The narrow-angle (70-degree) V-8 was never used in any other Fiat. Neither were the narrow, hand-built two-seat bodies (supplied by Fiat, Ghia, and Zagato), often with staggered seats to leave sufficient working room for the driver.

Though the 8V enjoyed some competition success against Alfa Romeo, it was never intended for volume sale. Expensive when new, the 8V’s limited-production nature means that replacement parts of all kinds are virtually unobtainable today, as is the car itself.

Pluses of the 1952-1954 Fiat 8V:

  • Distinctive styling
  • High appreciation
  • Rapid for its day
  • Unique design
  • Very rare

Minuses of the 1952-1954 Fiat 8V:

  • Almost impossible to find
  • Factory would rather not remember it
  • Parts virtually extinct
  • Survivors very rust-prone

Production of the 1952-1954 Fiat 8V:

Specifications of the 1952-1954 Fiat 8V:
Wheelbase, inches: 94.5
Length, inches: 158.6

Weight, pounds: 2,340
Price, new: NA

Engines for the 1952-1954 Fiat 8V:

ohv V-8
1,996 cc (122 cid)

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