1951 Henry J DeLuxe

The 1951 Henry J DeLuxe was a pioneer American compact, the attempt by tycoon Henry J. Kaiser to reach less affluent buyers who could only afford a used car.

A good idea messed up with dumpy styling (selected over several better-looking proposals, including one by Howard Darrin with a familial relationship to the stunning '51 Kaiser), very plain interior decor, sparse standard equipment, and a steep price (not much less than that of a full-size Chevy, Ford, or Plymouth).

Total model year production was 81,942 units, with the six-cylinder DeLuxe slightly leading the four-cylinder standard version.

Pluses of the 1951 Henry J DeLuxe:

  • Surprising performance and handling
  • Reliable engine
  • Low operating costs

Minuses of the 1951 Henry J DeLuxe:

  • Low-buck finish inside and out
  • Rust-prone
  • Dumpy styling

Production of the 1951 Henry J DeLuxe:
43,400 (estimated)

Specifications of the 1951 Henry J DeLuxe:
Wheelbase, inches: 100.0
Length, inches: 174.5
Weight, pounds: 2,341
Price, new: $1,499

Engines for the 1951 Henry J DeLuxe:

sv I-6161 cid

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