1951 Frazer Standard

The 1951 Frazer Standard was the base series in Frazer's last model year, with the same styling as the '51 Manhattan.

The series includes the intriguing Vagabond utility sedan, a carryover of the 1949-50 Kaiser model featuring a double rear hatch and fold-down rear seatback that opened up an enormous load bed. The Vagabond was K-F's halfway solution to the problem of how to offer wagon-like cargo carrying capacity and versatility without the tooling expense for a separate wagon body.

The regular sedan was more luxurious than previous base Frazers, being trimmed to 1949-50 Manhattan levels.

Pluses of the 1951 Frazer Standard:
  • Good quality
  • Smooth road cars
  • Vagabond's versatility, unusual design

Minuses of the 1951 Frazer Standard:
  • Debatable styling
  • Body parts in short supply
  • Same engine drawbacks as other 226-cid K-F models

Production of the 1951 Frazer Standard:
9,931 (including approximately 3,000 Vagabond four-door utility sedans)

Specifications of the 1951 Frazer Standard:
Wheelbase, inches: 123.5
Length, inches: sedan, 211.4; Vagabond, 207.7
Weight, pounds: 3,456-3,556
Price, new: $2,359-$2,999

Engines for the 1951 Frazer Standard:

226.2 cid

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