1951-1954 Packard Patrician

The 1951-1954 Packard Patrician was the automaker's newly named top-line standard sedan in the early '50s. Along with other models, it carried the firm's first complete redesign since the Clipper of a decade earlier.

The shape of the Patrician, which designer John Reinhart named "high pockets," didn't wear particularly well, however. There was no criticizing the Patrician's integrity, though -- it was beautifully built, comfortable in the Packard tradition, and surprisingly fast.

Most buyers thought it dull and uninteresting next to the tailfinned Cadillac V-8s and the very roadable Lincolns of these years, and spent their money accordingly.

Pluses of the 1951-1954 Packard Patrician:

  • Top-of-the-line
  • Quality
  • Luxury
  • Milestone car

Minuses of the 1951-1954 Packard Patrician:

  • Rust-prone
  • 1954 gear-start Ultramatic gave frequent trouble

Production of the 1951-1954 Packard Patrician:

  • 1951: 9,001
  • 1952: 3,975
  • 1953: 7,456
  • 1954: 2,760

Specifications of the 1951-1954 Packard Patrician:
Wheelbase, inches: 127.0
Length, inches: 218.0
Weight, pounds: 4,100-4,190
Price, new: $3,662-3,890

Engines for the 1951-1954 Packard Patrician:

Type Size Horsepower Years
sv I-8 327 cid 155/180 1951-1953
sv I-8 359 cid 212 1954

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