1950 Kaiser Virginian


Kaiser-Frazer designers created over 50 fabric options for the interior of the 1950 Kaiser Virginian.
Kaiser-Frazer designers created over 50 fabric options for the interior of the 1950 Kaiser Virginian.
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The 1950 Kaiser Virginian was the subject of a splendid marketing campaign which provided instructions to salesmen on how to promote the car. Salesmen's facts books urged the trumpeting of Virginian's exceptionally fine visibility, achieved through an extra-large backlight divided into three sections, curving around the sides -- 17 inches high and 73 inches wide.

From the side, the 1950 Kaiser Virginian appeared to have "a single wide window extending from cowl to deck. The Virginian has the full rigidity of a conventional sedan. The support provided by the steel roof is augmented by special bracing in back of the front seat and by special construction in the rear."

From the beltline down the 1950 Kaiser Virginian was the same as other Kaisers, except that the windowsills were covered with chrome panels and a wide chrome rocker panel molding extended the length of the car and met the bumpers at each end. Chrome-plated exterior trunk hinges were a final touch.

At a base price of $2,995, give or take a few dollars with price fluctuations (and $3,195 for the Custom Virginian), the 1950 Kaiser Virginian faced very rough competition in the Cadillac-Packard-Lincoln market sector, where its anemic six-cylinder, formerly industrial engine was handily outclassed by big, powerful eights.

Leather upholstery added $400 to its price, overdrive close to $100, and power windows $75. As a result, the promise of this intriguing new body style, soon to become so indispensable to the Big Three manufacturers, was squandered by Kaiser-Frazer.

Production of 1950 Kaiser Virginians came to just over 900 for the combined 1949-1950 model year. Leftover 1949s were simply reserialed as 1950 models; the breakdown is probably six or seven to one, 1949 to 1950. Since about 1,200 Virginian bodies were built, even the reserialed 1950s were not enough to move them all out; an additional 152 were thus turned into 1951 Frazer Manhattan hardtops.

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