1950-1959 Ford Trucks

1953 Ford Trucks
1953 Ford F-100
1953 Ford F-100

In 1953, the Korean War ended, and Ford marked its Golden Anniversary with their first truck redesign since 1948. Ford's 1953 trucks received a longer hood that flowed into the front fenders, along with horizontal grille bars. Cabs were also new, boasting more glass area.

A set-back front axle made the 1953s look nose-heavy but allowed for a tighter turning radius. Series designations added "00" to the end, meaning this light-duty pickup went from being an F-1 to being an F-100.

This also was the first year an automatic transmission was available in trucks (in the F-100 line), but would prove to be the final year for the flathead V-8.

1953 Ford F-350 truck

The former F-4 continued its one-ton rating as the F-350. This nomenclature is still used today.

1951 Ford sedan and 1953 Ford F-700

A 1951 Ford Sedan Delivery ambulance fronts a 1953 F-700-based fire truck at the Dearborn, Michigan, fire station.

Also in 1953, the former Ford F-2 and F-3 trucks were combined into the new 3/4-ton F-250 truck.

Ford's famous flathead V-8 engine was retired in 1954. Find out what replaced it on the next page.

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