1950-1959 Ford Country Squire

1953 Ford Country Squire

The little-changed 1953 Ford Country Squires fared even better than the 1952 model. With the "police action" in Korea starting to wind down, all government restrictions on raw materials had been lifted by that February. This meant formerly restricted production schedules could be boosted to meet customer demand for new cars.

1953 Ford Country Squire rear view
A cosmetic update for 1953 included
a revised grille and taillights.

Overall model-year production of Fords shot up to more than 1.2 million. Orders for the Ford Country Sedan more than tripled from 1952, and the Ford Ranch Wagon and Ford Country Squire both did better than twice the business they had the year before, the last accounting for 11,001 deliveries.

Styling changes for 1953 Fords were minimal. The most obvious was a simplified horizontal grille bar featuring a bullet-shaped central "spinner." New rectangular parking lights were placed at the lower corners of the grille opening and taillight-lens diameter was increased.

To mark Ford Motor Company's 50th anniversary, every passenger car received a special commemorative steering-wheel-hub button. Armrests were added to the rear doors of Country Sedans and Country Squires. Power steering was a new midseason option for V-8 models.

To the casual eye, the 1954 Fords certainly looked like direct continuations of the 1953s. The basic body shells were the same as in the previous two seasons, with the obligatory grille and trim alterations. Under the skin, though, there were numerous significant improvements that would have more in common with Fords yet to come. Find out more about them on the next page.

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