1950-1954 Triumph Renown

The 1950-1954 Triumph Renown was the final development of the razor-edge Triumph 1800/2000, now based on the Standard Vanguard pressed-steel chassis and coil-spring independent front suspension.

In late 1951, a limousine with a division window was produced on a three-inch longer wheelbase, and beginning in 1952 all models adopted the longer chassis.

While the Renown sedan is the most available razor-edge Triumph, the low-production limo is conversely the hardest to come by -- extremely rare and desirable.

Pluses of the 1950-1954 Triumph Renown:

  • Optional overdrive worth looking for
  • Same well-balanced styling as on the 1800/2000
  • More up-to-date layout
  • Quality materials and assembly

Minuses of the 1950-1954 Triumph Renown:

  • Hardly a classic piece of styling, though more appealing now than then
  • Aluminum bodywork subject to corrosion
  • Some rot may beset body's wooden framing
  • Likely high asking prices for the limousine version

Production of the 1950-1954 Triumph Renown:

  • 4-door sedan (108-inch wheelbase): 6,501
  • 4-door sedan (111-inch wheelbase): 2,800
  • Limo (111-inch wheelbase): 190

Specifications of the 1950-1954 Triumph Renown:
Wheelbase, inches: 108.0 (1950-1952), 111.0 (limo and 1952-1954)
Length, inches: 175.0 (1950-1952), 181 (1952-1954)
Weight, pounds: 2,800-3,024
Price, new: $3,150 sedan; $3,400 limo (U.S. equivalent)

Engines for the 1950-1954 Triumph Renown:

ohv I-4 2,088 cc (128 cid)68 1950-1954

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