1949 Ford Custom V-8 (exc. Sedans)

The 1949 Ford Custom V-8 (exc. Sedans) should be a Milestone car because of its adroit styling -- albeit in part the work of moonlighting Studebaker people -- and traditional V-8 performance (the engine was much improved this year, though the horsepower rating didn't change).

1949 Ford Custom convertible, part of the 1949 Ford Custom convertible sedan series
1949 Ford Custom convertible.  See more pictures of Ford cars.

The custom V-8 also receives kudos for a contemporary chassis with independent front suspension and parallel leaf springs in back, even though old Henry would never have approved of dumping his beloved transverse-spring suspension. Solid construction was also a keynote, though workmanship on the early '49s left something to be desired.

This gradually improved during the model year, however, and was excellent in 1950. The wagon this year was a two-door model, and a partial woody with more steel construction. All in all, the new Ford was great stuff for 1949, good enough to rejuvenate the firm's failing corporate health.

The company's success in the 1950's was made possible largely by the basic excellence of this car, the first all-new Ford in a very long time. We single out the non-sedan body styles as having more than average collector interest and especially good styling.

Pluses of the 1949 Ford Custom V-8 (exc. Sedans):

  • Engineering improvements, finally bringing Ford in line with its competitors
  • Fine styling
  • Good driver’s cars
  • Historical importance
  • Improved V-8

Minuses of the 1949 Ford Custom V-8 (exc. Sedans):

  • Early assembly quality problems
  • Moderately rust-prone
  • Nobody wants the sixes, which were also available on most Customs

Production of the 1949 Ford Custom V-8 (exc. Sedans):

  • Club coupe: 150,254
  • Convertible: 51,133
  • Wagon: 31,412

Specifications of the 1949 Ford Custom V-8 (exc. Sedans):
Wheelbase, inches: 114.0
Length, inches: 196.8

Weight, pounds: 2,948-3,543
Price, new
: $1,511-$2,119 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1949 Ford Custom V-8 (exc. Sedans):

sv V-8
239.4 cid

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