1949-1953 Triumph Mayflower

1953 Triumph Mayflower 2-door sedan, part of the 1949-1953 Triumph Mayflower line of collectible cars.
1953 Triumph Mayflower 2-door sedan

Triumph's managing director, Sir John Black, liked the looks of his 1800/2000 sedans, and ordered his designers to apply the same razor-edge lines to a smaller economy model, the 1949-1953 Triumph Mayflower. As General Motors' former styling chief, William L. Mitchell, might say, this was like trying to tailor a dwarf.

The model was named Mayflower to appeal to Americans, to whom it was aimed. Alas, it didn't appeal in the U.S. It was cute, though hardly elegant: the scale and proportions were all wrong. Nonetheless, the boxy body did offer an incredible amount of space for its overall size.

Today, it's invariably a cause for smiles, and amusing to the collector with a sense of humor. It's a winsome little car that will grow on you, and it doesn't cost a mint to buy or restore.

Pluses of the 1949-1953 Triumph Mayflower:

  • Nothing quite like it
  • Big interior for its tiny size
  • Active club interest
  • "The Watch-Charm Rolls"

Minuses of the 1949-1953 Triumph Mayflower:

  • No power
  • Tricky aluminum-head engine
  • Many parts now scarce

Production of the 1949-1953 Triumph Mayflower:

  • 2-door sedan: 34,990
  • Convertible: 10

Specifications of the 1949-1953 Triumph Mayflower:
Wheelbase, inches: 84.0
Length, inches: 154.0
Weight, pounds: 2,016
Price, new: $1,695 (U.S. equivalent)

Engines for the 1949-1953 Triumph Mayflower:

sv I-4 1,247 cc (76 cid)38 1949-1953

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