1949-1950 Kaiser DeLuxe

The 1949-1950 Kaiser DeLuxe was Kaiser's renamed upper series for these years. It shared the 1949 facelift with the cheaper Specials, and 1949 leftovers were reserialed -- but otherwise unchanged -- for 1950.

1949-1950 Kaiser DeLuxe
Kaiser DeLuxe sedan.  See more pictures of 1950s cars.

The DeLuxe lineup included three interesting models. The Vagabond was a spiffier version of the Special Traveler. Both were sedans with a double-hatch rear end and fold-down back seat, giving Kaiser a station wagon-type model without the expense of tooling up for a separate body. The four-door convertible sedan had a counterpart in the Frazer Manhattan line. Both were literally hand-built from sedan bodies -- aided by the cutting torch -- and mounted on heavier-than-stock frames to preserve some semblance of body rigidity. The Virginian was a fixed-roof convertible with either a painted or padded vinyl top.

This trio exemplified Kaiser's innovative thinking in trying to broaden its market. Little fixed-position framed windows substituted for B-pillars on the convertible and Virginian, and both also had fixed side window frames, thus detracting from the "open-air" feeling.

Pluses of the 1949-1950 Kaiser DeLuxe:

  • Unique body styles
  • Good quality
  • Lots of color inside and out
Minuses of the 1949-1950 Kaiser DeLuxe:
  • Underpowered
  • Under-braked
  • Clumsy handling
  • Thirstier than earlier Kaisers
  • Severely rust-prone
Production of the 1949-1950 Kaiser DeLuxe:
  • 4-door sedan: 38,250
  • Vagabond 4-door utility sedan: 4,500
  • Virginian 4-door hardtop sedan: 946
  • 4-door convertible: 54
    (all est.)

Specifications of the 1949-1950 Kaiser DeLuxe: Length, inches: 206.5
Wheelbase, inches
: 123.5 Weight, pounds: 3,341-3,726 Price, new: $2,195-3,195 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1949-1950 Kaiser DeLuxe:

Type Size
sv I-6
226.2 cc
112 1949-1950

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