1948-1949 Hudson Super Six

The 1948-1949 Hudson Super Six was one of the truly significant new designs of the early postwar years. The "Step-Down" Hudson was low and sleek -- it even looks pretty good today.

The unit body/chassis construction of the 1948-1949 Hudson Super Six featured a dropped floorpan (hence the nickname) surrounded by massive chassis girders for a very safe, solid structure. Big instrument dials on a businesslike dash and armchair-comfortable seats marked the exceptionally roomy interior.

The result of all this was soaring sales, with the low-priced Super Six again leading the four-series Hudson line. The same five body styles from 1946-47 were again fielded. Super Six convertible production is estimated at 88 and 1870 for these two years, respectively. There were no body or mechanical changes for '49.

Pluses of
the 1948-1949 Hudson Super Six:
  • Design merit
  • Excellent roadability
  • Solid construction
Minuses of the 1948-1949 Hudson Super Six:
  • Very few -- one of the greats
Production of the 1948 Hudson Super Six:

Production of the 1949 Hudson Super Six:

Specifications of the 1948-1949 Hudson Super Six:
Length, inches: 207.5
Wheelbase, inches: 124.0
Weight, pounds: 3,460-3,750
Price, new: $2,053-$2,836 (U.S.)

for the 1948-1949 Hudson Super Six:

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