1947 Frazer Standard

The first Frazers, the Frazer (Standard) line, were built by Graham-Paige Motors under a worksharing agreement with Kaiser-Frazer. Costs of operations proved more than G-P could bear, so the firm sold its interests to K-F.

1947 Frazer 4-door sedan
1947 Frazer 4-door sedan.  See more pictures of Frazer cars.

Standard (non-Manhattan) Frazers bearing serial numbers up to F47-009940 (1001 was the first number) are G-P products, and bear the nameplates of that old-line company. That historical aspect plus rarity puts these models in a class apart from K-F-built Frazers this year.

Pluses of the 1947 Frazer Standard:
  • Extremely rare
  • Historical interest
  • New styling for the time

Minuses of the 1947 Frazer Standard:

  • Not pretty
  • Mundane interiors
  • Almost impossible to find, yet not a high-potential investment

Production of the 1947 Frazer Standard:

Specifications of the 1947 Frazer Standard:
Wheelbase, inches: 123.5
Length, inches: 203.0
Weight, pounds: 3,340
Price, new: $2,295

Engines for the 1947 Frazer Standard:

sv I-6
226.2 cid
100 1947

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