1947-1948 Frazer Manhattan

The 1947-1948 Frazer Manhattan was the top-of-the-line Kaiser-Frazer product, the first entirely new postwar body style, and a never before equalled array of interior and exterior colors. These points distinguish these Howard Darrin-designed four-door sedans.

1947 Frazer Manhattan sedan, the top-of-the-line Kaiser-Frazer car
1947 Frazer Manhattan sedan.  See more pictures of 1940s cars.

The Manhattan's bulbous body and long wheelbase gave enormous interior space, and they combined with an economical six-cylinder engine to provide smooth highway travel with surprising gas mileage. Colors and fabrics were selected by designer Carleton Spencer, a genius whose efforts predicted industry-wide practice.

Pluses of the 1947-1948 Frazer Manhattan:
  • Historical importance: the first straight-through fenderlines and advanced color/trim combinations
  • High quality
  • Parts supplies still good
  • A Milestone car

Minuses of the 1947-1948 Frazer Manhattan:
  • Underwhelming styling
  • Engine subject to cooling problems, enjoys blowing head gaskets

Production of the 1947 Frazer Manhattan:

Production of the 1948 Frazer Manhattan:

Specifications of the 1947-1948 Frazer Manhattan:
Wheelbase, inches: 123.5
Length, inches: 203.0
Weight, pounds: 3,375
Price, new: $2,712-$2,746

Engines for the 1947-1948 Frazer Manhattan:

sv I-6226.2 cid
112 1947-1948

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